Sager 9262 arrived.

Sager 9262The Sager 9262 arrived in the office, I will pick it up later today to give it a go and test that the hardware is in good condition and the screen does not show dead pixels.

It only took XoticPC and Sager 9 days to purchase the laptop, make the wire transfer, build to specs, test and validate the screen and send  the laptop by UPs from the United States to Switzerland.

And the first CD-ROM I booted on this brand new system is the memtest+ 2.10 tool. I’m very impressed by the speed of the main Memory.

L1 Cache : 32K 39806 MB/s
L2 Cache : 6144K 18472 MB/s
L3 Cache : none
Memory : 8190M 3632 MB/s

In comparison my D900K is running at 1440 MB/s for it’s main memory.