Upgrading the Nexenta storage in the vLab

First, I’m sorry I have been so quiet on the web, bu I’ve just come back from 15 days of medical leave due to a Bursitus in my elbow, which made it extremely hard to write anything with a cast. But that did not stop me from swapping disks in Nexenta Storage server.

I’ve been running a ZFS Pool with 8x Hitachi Deskstar SATA 1TB HDS7210KLA330 for over 1200 days, and out of the 8 disk, not one has failed me. With 8x 1TB SATA Disk in mirror as seen in my previous Nexenta storage for the vLab article, I used to have 3.14TB Usable space. But I needed more, and I wanted to replace these 3 years old disk. I slowly swapped one disk per mirror at a time. Each disk resilver took just more than 8 hours.

I have now finished the complete replacement with 8x Seagate Barracuda ST3000DM001-9YN166 (3TB) disk. My current ZFS Pool is now as follows

zpool status after final resilver

After the migration, the ZFS Pool is now of 10.9TB of Usable space.

Nexenta GUI tank Volume

This should give me quite a lot of space for new virtual machines. I will run some more performance test in a few days add them to this article.

Moving out after 11 years…

Well after 11 years (1996-2007) living at the same address by myself, I’ve finaly moved out… Earlier tonight I gave my last key set back to the landlord. It was with a tear in the eye that I drove off to my new accomodation. I’ve had some excellent times and will keep great memories from my appartment. The datacenter room (which took me a few days to empty, sort, purge and clean), the lounge with it’s huge beamer, where I watched so many films and TV series.

2006 November Computer Room

The Great 2006 IT Purge… 🙁

2006 November IT Purge

Most of my stuff has now been stored in a Maritime container for future use.


I’ve now moved in with Jackie in Versoix. We will be more cramped, but we hope to get something larger in 2/3 years when we will need the space. In the meantime we enjoy the beautifull view of the Lake Leman and the Mt Blanc in the farground.

Looking for 5720M/5724M blades for System 5000 chassis

Erik Bussink” <e@bussink.ch.nul> wrote in message

> Hello,

> I’ve got a System 5000 with a 5328HD ATM EtherSpeed blade and
> two 5328 ATM EtherSpeed blades. Unfortunately I didn’t get the System
> 5000 with a Supervisory module like the 5724M or the newer 5720M. Is
> there anyone out there that could sell me one for cheap. I’d like to
> use the system 5000 at home, so my budget is not as large as I might
> want it to be.
> I’m also looking for a Fast Ethernet switch blade that can stand on
> it’s own in the System 5000.
> Thank you very much for your help.

> Erik Bussink (e@bussink.ch)
> Geneva, Switzerland

> Erik Bussink (Erik at Bussink dot CH) 

 You used System 5000 at home ? Is it right ? It’s very costly solution.
How many PC’s and file servers work at your home ? ATM is backbone for home
network ?
Write us about your networks. We are all fascinated ! 
Sorry, in this time I have only HSSI router module for sale (but if you
need to connect your home with super-speed channel to Internet, HSSI is
preferred solution for these).

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(S1668) Bios 4.0 Evaluation for 3940UW & Dual PPro NT Kernel

The suspense is over, I was able to remove the Bios 4.0Eval. But it
tooks some tries. when I was trying to install a previous Bios it
just would hang on the load of the Bios from the disk. Only
reinstalling Bios 4.0E went alright. Then I tried :
        awdflash ntmaw40e /Py /Sn /CC
I rebooted the system. It had lost all it’s CMOS settings (disk,time,
powersaving,chipset,pnp). Then I was able to install a previous Bios.

In the meantime I had asked my HW supplier to send me a new Bios
and I received a floppy this morning with two Bios that are NOT
on Tyan’s ftp/web site.

Information I collected on the floppy my HW supplier send me
to fix my Award Bios problem. The person I talked with on the phone
wasn’t very clear, but this revision of the Bios should be fixing
the problem the Tyan S1668 and Award BIOS has with the DEC chip on
the Adaptec 3940UW PCI Bridge. I’ll try to install this Award Bios
that I would call version 2.2a, as it’s more recent than the 2.2
file NTMAWD22.BIN, but it uses the same BIOS revision dated 06/14/96.
If you want I can make this Bios available to you.

I installed this Award Bios 2.2a on my Tyan S1668 board. And it fixed
my Bios 4.0E bug under 95 where the mouse corrupts the screen and my
Matrox Millenium wasn’t recognized anymore.
I will try to reinstall Windows NT 4.0 workstation once I get my
PCI and it’s PnP IRQ settings under control again. ( I don’t
how these IRQ are assigned under PCI)

Below are some researches I did earlier today about the different
Bioses and checksums on them.

                                        Erik Bussink


BIOS for Tyan S1668 Checksum codes

Award Bios is composed of an LHA original.tmp file and extra code.
I guess the real bios is in the original.tmp file, and the outer
shell of the .BIN file

Filename        Checksum        Date

S1668P.ROM      EE3C            10/28/96


NTMAWD20.BIN    DCFF            06/13/96
 ORIGINAL.TMP   9772            06/13/96-i440FX-2A69HT5JC-00.0000C-00

NTMAWD21.BIN    AD6C            06/14/96
 ORIGINAL.TMP   9460            06/14/96-i440FX-2A69HT5JC-00.0000C-00

NTMAWD22.BIN    C7DD            06/27/96
 ORIGINAL.TMP   9460            06/14/96-i440FX-2A69HT5JC-00.0000C-00

NTMAW303.BIN    ADE1            10/31/96
 ORIGINAL.TMP   BAA6            10/21/96-i440FX-2A69HT5JC-00.0000C-00


NTMAW40E.BIN    51B0            02/20/97
 ORIGINAL.TMP   52CF            02/19/97-i440FX-2A69HT5JC-00.0000C-00

My HW Supplier has given me these files, one Award Bios and an

S1668.ROM               9121            10/16/96
 ORIGINAL.TMP   9460            TYN TITAN-PRO V2.2 6/24/96

                                        Award Decompression Bios
                                        Award BootBlock Bios v1.0

S1668P1.ROM             CE96            10/11/96
                                        AMIBIOS C0625
                                        1MW_10_TYNS1668 07/15/95

This following part has been taken from Tyan’s
ftp.tyan.com/bios/natoma/tprolog.doc file.

                S1662/68 TITAN-PRO BIOS LOG


First release:
Date    Filename                Banner
6/12/96 NATOMA10.BIN            TYN TITAN-PRO V1.00 5/20/96
Problem found:
        1. M.S. MPS version 1.1 non compliant
        2. Interupter abnormal high with configuration of
           (WINNT, DP, SCSI HDD)
        3. NCR875 Card not work

Second release:
Reason: Fix problem (1 & 2)in 1st release, and work with ECN96004.
Date    Filename                Banner
6/27/96 NTMAWD22.BIN            TYN TITAN-PRO V2.2 6/24/96
Problem found:
        1. In WinNT, can’t  load VGA driver for Trident & Ali VGA
           ( When Video RAM Cacheable & CPU_to_PCI Write Post
           is enabled)
        2. Adaptec 2940 SCSI card  not boot WinNT DP system in 5th PCI
           slot. (AMI BIOS OK)
        3. PCI cards only assign 4 IRQ #
           (1 & 5 PCI slot are hardware connected)
        4. Fast Dram Refresh switch in chipset feature make the
performance low.
        5. With a Diamond Stealth 64 VRAM card, under DOS run PCI.EXE,
           the VGA card info been shown for hundred times.
        6. Memory count only up to 256MB
        7. IRQ 14 & IRQ 15 Can not be released. ( Triton HX BIOS
           4/25 are OK)
        8. Toshiba X6 CD ROM fail install WinNT ?
Note:   1. NTMAWD30.BIN is the same one as v2.2, but take off low
level format
           option witch not function.
        2. New BIOS received at 7/18/96, which can support Memory up
           512MB or beyond, has NCR875 chip support.

Third release:
Release reason: Has better performance, 512MB memory support, IRQ15 &
cab be
released from CMOS setup.
Date     Filename               Banner
10/31/96 NTMAW303.BIN           TYN TITAN-PRO V3.03  10/31/96
Problem remain:
        1. SCO Unix SMP fail with SCSI system.
        2. Performance low with Adaptec AHA3940 & AHA3985 under Win95
& winNT.
        3. 5PCI slot not work with Adaptec AHA2940UW & Bustek KT-930
           under WinNT4.0
        4. When put a AHA2940UW or KT-930 on the board, then PCI lan
cards will
           not work on 5th PCI slot.
        5. APM12. not ready.
        6. USB not ready.


No formal release up to 7/18/96
        (Has 1 evaluation BIOS on BBS: NTMAMIE1.ROM 05/29/96)
        Receive a new BIOS at 7/18/96, witch support DMI, and work
        with    ECN 96004. Need testing.
Evaluation release:
Date            Filename                        Banner
10/3/96 S1668E.ROM              Eval…..
        1. Has DMI support.
        2. No USB support.
        3. APM1.2 not verified.
First  release:
Date            Filename                        Banner
10/25/96        S1668P.ROM              TYN TITAN-PRO V3.00 10/25/96
        1. Has DMI support.
        2. No USB support.
        3. APM1.2 not ready.    
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(S1668) Bios 4.0 Evaluation for 3940UW & Dual PPro NT Kernel

This all started with the Titan Pro S1668 ATX Motherboard with a Dual
PPro configuation, NT 4.0 and the Adaptec 3940UW.
It would not recognize the second SCSI channel of the 3940UW under
NT 4.0 and Windows 95 OSR2.

At 00:55 04/03/97 +0100, Juan Altmayer Pizzorno wrote:

>There is a new AWARD BIOS file under
>   ftp://ftp.tyan.com/bios/natoma/eval
>Apparently this is a pre-release of the “TYAN TYN 4.0”.  Anybody
>willing to give it a try?  My diskette drive seems to have died
>over this last weekend, so I can’t…
>.. Juan
Here goes …
WARNING !!! I installed BIOS 4.0E and I cannot move back to 3.03 !!!!

Installation of the BIOS went without problems, but it changed one
setting for sure, the Boot setting. It would not boot directly from
the floppy, and I had to change the settings. Look at all those
nice settings: A,C,D,SCSI,CDROM
The ‘Verifying DMI Pool Data’ wasn’t present before (I think).

Installing the NT Server 4.0 (1381) with the BIOS 4.0E 2/19/97 on a
Dual PentiumPro/256kb brings up a Blue Screen as below when the
screen resolution changed and the real NT kernel is activated
 (screen shows version,memory,build)

Microsoft (R) Windows NT (TM) Version 4.0 (Build 1381).
1 System Processor [96 MB Memory] MultiProcessor Kernel

*** STOP: 0x0000000A (0x0000AB74,0x00000002,0x00000001,0x801DD1DE)
IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL*** Address 801dd1de has base at 801d7000 –

CPUIP:GenuineIntel 6.1.7 irql:2 SYSVER 0xf0000565

Dll Base DateStmp – Name                Dll Base DateStmp – Name
80100000 3202c097 – ntoskrnl.exe        801d7000 31f578cb – hal.dll
8020b000 31f51355 – setupdd.sys         80065000 31ec792d –
80001000 31f8ff94 – pcmcia.sys          8023f000 31ec6c74 –
8000b000 31ec6c6d – vga.sys             80252000 31ec6c90 –
80258000 31ec6c94 – kdbclass.sys        8025b000 31eedd07 –

Address  dword dump     Build [1381]                         – Name
8014ab00 801dd1de 801dd1de 806aeb60 806ae933 8069bb68 8011595e –
8014ab10 8011595e 8011595e                                     –

Restart …

Installing the NT Workstation 4.0 (1381) with the BIOS 4.0E 2/19/97 on

a Dual PentiumPro/256kb in the same conditions as just above gives the

same result : Blue Screen with different settings for the memory
allocations. Should be insteresting to see if NT 3.51 crahses as well.

Booting with the Windows 95 OSR2 system already caused some graphics
problems, but they might have come from the fact that I interupted
95 in it’s boot process twice the hard way.
4.0E seems to allow the using of the USB port. But having two Matrox
Millenium screws up the IRQ settings. It would be nice to have a
setting to choose which IRQ the Serial Bus would use. I might need
to remove one.

At this stage I cannot move back to the BIOS 3.03 !!!!!

        more adventures to follow very soon…


My adventures in BIOS land continue…

There is a new Award Flash Utility, but you can’t find it on
Tyan’s site nor on Award. I found it on http://soyo.com.tw/bios.htm
page. It’s the Award Flash Utility 5.33 writer. The directory also
contains a DMICFG program for DOS. Interesting.

The upgrade to BIOS 4.0E has completly screwed up my Windows 95 OSR2
graphic part. It will not detect my Matrox Millenium card anymore
(I even removed the second card as it was conflicting with the USB)

NT 4.0 (srv & wks) still crashes during the second setup disk.

And I cannot move back from the 4.0E Bios to the 3.03 Bios. Maybe
the Award Flash program doesn’t allow the move back to a older
BIOS revision.
Well I’m going to call my motherboard supplier for a new Bios chip.

2 HTTP servers (domains) on 1 machine?

st@SilkPresence.com (Pete Storm) wrote:
> They will have two different domain names but he really wants them to
>  run on the single machine.  Is this possible?  I’d hoped one could simply
> change the port it’s listening on and run multiple copies of the web server,
I’m running now the EMWAC HTTPS 0.96 server on port 8080, and I’m now
testing the Alibaba beta 4 on port 80, both servers work fine on the same
machine. But getting two copies of HTTPS to work on the same machine ?
I would not know…
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