Upgrading the Nexenta storage in the vLab

First, I’m sorry I have been so quiet on the web, bu I’ve just come back from 15 days of medical leave due to a Bursitus in my elbow, which made it extremely hard to write anything with a cast. But that did not stop me from swapping disks in Nexenta Storage server.

I’ve been running a ZFS Pool with 8x Hitachi Deskstar SATA 1TB HDS7210KLA330 for over 1200 days, and out of the 8 disk, not one has failed me. With 8x 1TB SATA Disk in mirror as seen in my previous Nexenta storage for the vLab article, I used to have 3.14TB Usable space. But I needed more, and I wanted to replace these 3 years old disk. I slowly swapped one disk per mirror at a time. Each disk resilver took just more than 8 hours.

I have now finished the complete replacement with 8x Seagate Barracuda ST3000DM001-9YN166 (3TB) disk. My current ZFS Pool is now as follows

zpool status after final resilver

After the migration, the ZFS Pool is now of 10.9TB of Usable space.

Nexenta GUI tank Volume

This should give me quite a lot of space for new virtual machines. I will run some more performance test in a few days add them to this article.