HP ML110 G7 and Power Management (iLO3 & vSphere DPM)

The HP ML110 G7 works great with VMware vSphere 5.0 once the C-States has been modified.

In the following screenshot we can have a glimpse of the Hardware Status of the ML110 G7. We can clearly see that this ML110 G7 with it’s integrate iLO3 controller gives the same information as the more expensive HP Proliant servers.

ML110 G7 Hardware Status and ILO3

And such as it’s bigger brothers, if we access the ILO3 Administration Console

ML110 G7 ILO3 Overview

and create a dedicate vmware user with Power Controls.

ML110 G7 ILO3 User Administration

Once this is done we just need to add in the IPMI/ILO Settings for Power Management

IPMI/iLO Settings for Power Management

And to test the functionality. Now we can use Distributed Power Management on the ML110 G7 Cluster.

Distributed Power Management

The more I test the ML110 G7, the more I like it.

  • Elvisimpersonator

    Excellent blog post. I have just purchased my ML10 G7 and trying to get ESXi 5 to boot from USB but without success. Can you tell me if your installation of ESXi 5 is on local disk or internal bootable USB?

    • I’m using currently a Internal Kingston DataTraveller RT500 to boot. I didn’t purchase any disks with my ML110 G7.

      • O-ZoneMan

        I can’t get my VMVisor 5.0.0 U1 to boot from CD and recognize any drives. Trying to avoid buying the P212 controller if I can. How did you install ESXi on the ML100 G7 and use USB drives? I get PSOD every time.

  • Hello, I have started with the vCenter AutoDeploy using gPXE boot, and I will write it up soon, but I also boot from USB.

    I got a Kingston DataTraveller R500 on the internal USB connector and it boots great. I selected the Kingston DataTraveller R500 for it’s writing speed.

  • Elvisimpersonator

    Hi Erik, thanks for the reply. Did you have to do anything special when installing to USB? My installation appears to go ahead fine and reports as successful but on the post installation reboot, the server just hangs trying to boot from C: (which is the USB drive I believe). ESX 4.1 boots fine from the same USB drive.

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  • ilotrouble

    Hi Erik, do you have any hints about getting ILO to work? I just setup ILO with fixed IP in the console (F8), but cant connect to webinterface.

    • Once you have configured the iLO. Make sure that your primary network cable is connected to the network. The primary network cable is shared between the iLO and the system.