Nexenta stats running sample VMware Data Recovery backup

Following my Nexenta storage for the vLab article. I was asked how my ARC and L2ARC where doing.

General ZFS ARC Information

Here are two more screenshots that I just took on my infrastructure, while doing the initial backup of a 40GB virtual machine with VMware Data Recovery.

  • I had the Nexenta management interface on the General Stats
  • Running Richard Elling’s zilstat.ksh via SSH at the top left
  • Running the by Mike Harsch via SSH at the left
  • And at the bottom left, you can glimpse the VMware Data Recovery job running on a 40GB VM (Initial run).

zilstats.ksh and while running a VMware Data Recovery initial backup

I also took the opportunity to screenshot the disk and Virtual LUN stats page on the Nexenta page.

Disks and Virtual LUNs

These stats above are far from the most impressive results I’ve had with my NexentaStor server.