Visio 2013 and Visio Stencils issue (Fixed)

[Update 10/30/2012 Thanks to Maxm]

I use Visio a lot to create diagrams for my customers and colleagues. But when I tried to import Cisco Stencils I retrieved from the Cisco website, or HP Proliant Stencils from VisioCafe with the Visio 2013 RTM, you get the following error message.

There is a setting in Visio 2013 in the Options, Trust Center, File Block Settings that should enable you to allow Visio 203-2010 Stencils to be opened (HP, Cisco, EMC)
But unfortunately something is wrong… the Option at the bottom cannot be changed from “Do not open selected file types”

So think hard before upgrading to Visio 2013 if you need to use Stencils.

I’ll communicate again on the topic if I find a solution or if Microsoft respond to my ’Send a Frown’

Thanks to Maxm and his reply I found the problem. The trick is to untick the boxes to be able to open Stencils. Seems backwards to me, but that’s Microsoft for you.

Visio 2013 Untick Boxes in File Block Settings

  • Try uncheck all the check box. This fixed my problem.

    • Thanks

      OMG, Thank you for posting this.

    • omer

      thank you very much!

    • Er Chong Yee

      It works. Thanks.

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    • e1

      this helps a lot..thanks man

    • Khalid Ahmed

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    • Syed

      THank you very much. This WORKED !!!

  • Abdul

    Unchecked all the boxes…still doesn’t allow me to select the open option under the open behavior?

    • Tman

      You can keep all the boxes checked. the trick is to add the folder path to your stencils to your trusted locations option. This is the 2nd link from the top on the left hand side of selections.

      • Jgliddon

        Thanks Tman. Worked like a charm.

      • adampowers22

        Yes this was the answer for me. Needed to add the path and then restart Visio. Thanks Tman!

      • SRH

        Fantastic.. Thanks a lot.

      • Pato Groso

        Awsome Tman! That was the REAL solution! Forget about permisons, checkboxes, and grayout menus, just: “add the folder path to your stencils to your trusted locations”

      • Dan

        This is what I had to do.

  • kabat9

    Thank You!!! Works for me 🙂

  • Kim Webb

    Thank you thank you thank you

  • Jason Carter

    Thanks guys, that worked well. Seems backwards to me as well.

  • Jamesd

    Worked for me too. Many Thanks!

  • VCSekhar Parepalli

    Thanks, it worked for me too.

  • DirectIT

    got to love Microsoft for all the gotchas they put out there. Thanks

  • Mike

    Double negative galore.

  • HeatfanJohn

    I guess that my brain works in reverse. I was checking more boxes to unblock. Thank you for pointing out that you need to “uncheck” boxes to enable the opening of older Visio file formats.

  • Kurt

    Thanks for posting!!

  • ceedub

    so simple! Thanks maxm!

  • bbyluv

    is there any way to change the “open behavior” option? Unchecking the boxes still will not allow me to open the files


    it works

  • Soumen Datta

    Thanks a ton…I have already wasted few days to figure this out.

  • b



    Wow! Thank you so much. I was beating my head against the monitor over this.

  • 432trs

    thanks for helping me out with this insane menu!!

  • Ingo

    Thanks, it’s indeed quite counter-intuitive.

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  • Andrew Wright

    OMG that was driving me NUTS. thank you !!!

  • Fernando Olmos

    What planet is MS from? The Trust Center clearly says – ‘…By selecting Open, Word blocks this file type…’…. REALLY MS!? Any kid will tell you OPEN means OPEN IT! The proper term should have been ‘By selecting BLOCK, Word blocks this file type…’.

  • Grant Osmond

    Excellent! It worked also. Had me so frustrated as thought older files were lost.

  • Prashant Divakaran

    Hi Erik, been breaking my head on this. Your post is a life saver 🙂